Friday, July 16, 2010

NYC Baby

Several weeks ago I told you that you would not hear from me for a few days because I would be in NYC!!!

I also told you that I would fill you in on my trip when I returned and I have yet to do that, so here it is:

My mom, my 2 sisters and I took a girls trip to NYC and were there for 5 days...NO BOYS ALLOWED!!

My mom has decided that every year for her birthday she wants the 4 of us to go on a trip together...last year we went to Savannah, GA and this year she chose NYC!

We had a blast!

Basically we walked the entire city (approx. 10 miles per day), hitting up every shop in town!

We also ate ALOT of pizza among other things and saw 3 shows...Promises, Promises starring Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenowith (fabulous), Jersey Boys (incredible, my fave of the trip and definitely in my Top 5 of all time) and Mamma Mia (super fun, lots of singing and dancing)!

Even though it was our 4th time to NYC, we somehow managed to see some new sites including The Met, The Russian Tea Room, Bryant Park, Little Italy, Chinatown (never need to go there again), Carnegie Hall (where Big A sang when he was in college), and The Waldorf-Astoria!

We got to eat at Ray's (of course), Smith & Wollensky's, Stardust Diner, Magnolia Bakery, Ferrera's and Dylan's Candy Bar to name a few!

We even bought souvenirs...rings from Tiffany & Co.!!!

Celebrity Sighting (this trip): Judge Judy!!

And Elmo...

I took my picture with this scary-looking Elmo so I could text it to Little A and Little E...they got a kick out of the fact that I was where Elmo lived!!

All in all it was a great trip...wonder where we will go next year??

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The Lewis Family said...

I'm gonna try this week to send you my pictures from NYC and from when y'all were here! Sorry haven't gotten around to it... but, I've been busy getting ready for Amanda's shower and spending my last few moments with the boys before my summer ends.

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