Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Life

We have officially begun our new life in Wisconsin!!

We moved into our new house a week and a half ago!

In fact, the moving truck arrived from Austin the morning of our closing!

Talk about perfect timing!!

Here are the pictures from moving day...

It's ours, woohoo!!

Here comes the moving truck with our stuff!!


Front again

And again

Isn't it cute?!!?

I cannot tell you how much we LOVE LOVE LOVE our new home, our new neighborhood and our new little town!!

Not to mention our new church and the lovely people we have met so far!

Look at the housewarming gifts we received our very 1st day in the house...

A little cross from the former owners to welcome us!

Sweet tea and chocolate rice krispie treats from our friends and fellow staff members who live across the street!! They were yummy and gone fast!

Fall napkins and candle from some of our friends and fellow staff members! We will actually have fall here!

Cookie cake from our friends and fellow staff members whose basement we were living in before we closed on our new house! Notice there are 2 houses on the cake because we now own 2 houses since we haven't sold ours house in Austin yet!

And look at the "pounding" our new church gave us to welcome us into our new home!! It barely fit into the car!

They have also been so gracious to bring us meals and gift cards and to watch the boys for us to help us get settled in! We love them already!!

My mom just left after having been here for 8 days helping us get settled in!

During that time we actually got the entire house (living space that is) un-packed and set-up!!

All we have left to do is organize the garage and storage areas which are on the to-do list for this week!

I will post more pictures soon of the inside of the house and backyard! (as soon as I take some that is)

So far the boys are adjusting well to their new house/church/preschool/etc!

This week will tell alot since it will be the 1st full week that we are all together, settled in our new home, living on our new schedule!

Stay tuned!

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1 comment:

Nikki said...

I am so happy for your new adventures Erin :) I know you will bless that church and the friends you make there, just as you bless everyone you come in contact with! May the Lord give in abundance to your family until you overflow with joy! :)

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