Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our 15th Family

Meet our newest adoption family, number 15 for us, and who are also adopting from Ethiopia!!

Chris and Nicole O'Meara

***Update: The Omearas have completed most of their adoption fundraising. They are no longer one of the families that we support. We will keep you posted on when they bring their child home.

Hello. We are the O'Mearas. Chris, Nicole, and Joshua (age 9). We are going to adopt a child from Ethiopia. Our road to adoption has been long and personal. I think we'll shock a few people along the way with our news. But we're so excited to finally be doing it. Our three, will soon be four!

For us, adoption has always been an option. When Joshua was born, we found out he'd be our only biological child. We decided we'd leave the door to adoption open. But at the same time, we really like being a three-some. God had plans for us to be more and slowly but surely he revealed those plans to us.

Starting with a Steven Curtis Chapman concert in 2000 and progressing through the years, adoption become more and more real to us. In 2008, some close friends adopted a little boy from Ethiopia. We loved him instantly. And God used their adoption to encourage us to pursue international adoption.

Still, we were nervous about the costs (our adoption will cost around $25,000) and how it could work logistically with Chris' job. God was mercifully gentle as he tore down those walls of worry. Finally, this Easter, through a program at our church, the last wall crumbled. It wasn't very long at all until we were calling adoption agencies.

At first we thought we'd adopt from China. But again, God kindly and gently steered us away from China and towards his plan for our adoption. Ethiopia also interested us because of our friends' adoption but we never really pursued it. Then, a nice employee at our adoption agency said, "I think you guys would be a good fit for Ethiopian adoption." Wow! We'd never even mentioned Ethiopia to her. Her comment was just the confirming word we needed.

So, that's the very short version of how we got to where we are. Soon, we will be four. We'll look a little different. And, by God's grace, we will be a little different too.

Thank you, Erin and Worthy of the Prize Ministries for helping us bring our "new little guy" (as Joshua likes to call him/her) home.

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