Wednesday, October 6, 2010

IMPORTANT NOTICE: 2 Week Break on Orders!!

Hey all you Faithful Customers!!

As you know, my life has been a little nuts lately with the BIG move and all!

Well, my 2 business partners have had some craziness of their own going on as well.

As a result, we have decided to take a 2-week break from filling orders.

Between huge life-changing events, the Chosen Child Adoption Auction preparations, the publishing process of my sports camp manual, several upcoming shows and the approaching Christmas season, we simply cannot do it all and we feel this is in the best interest of everyone, particularly our families!

I hope you understand that family comes first around here and I do apologize to anyone who has been less than satisfied with our turn-around time lately!

Please understand that we are just a couple of moms trying to take care of our families and serve our Lord!

Not to mention, we are still adjusting to the fact that we now live in 3 different states so the logistics are a little crazy right now!

All that to say, any orders placed before today will be filled immediately...however, any orders placed today (Oct. 6th) through 2 weeks from now (Oct. 20th) will NOT be filled until after Oct. 20th!

You can continue to order online if you want, just know that your orders will not be filled until after Oct. 20th.

If you need something before then, you will have to stop by one of our shows!

Click here for our list of Upcoming Events so you can see where we are planning to be in near future!

Thanks for your patience, support and understanding!

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