Monday, December 13, 2010

Give a Gift of Compassion

So I have decided to become a Compassion Blogger and I could not be more thrilled about my decision!

More than 5000 children living in poverty around the world have been sponsored through Compassion Bloggers!!!


Let's make it 10,000!

This simply means that about once a month I will be informing you of the happenings at Compassion International, letting you know how you can get involved!

As you know, we have a BIG heart for orphans and children in need here at Worthy of the Prize.

And you may or may not know that Big A and I have added to our family by sponsoring our Compassion Child Edwin!

You can read about him HERE.

What I recently found out is that you can send Christmas gifts to these children through Compassion as well!
How cool is that?

Spend anywhere between $10 and $5000 to improve their quality of life!

Gifts include:

-mosquito nets
-soccer balls
-baking supplies
-education supplies
-kits for new moms
-water filters
-beauty training
-bakery skills
-small business skills
-mechanic workshop training
-farming equipment
-toilet stalls
-major surgery

Go HERE to purchase gifts!

Need a great gift for a loved one? Buy one of these gifts in their honor!

Happy Shopping!

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