Friday, April 1, 2011

Fit Fridays {linky party}: Fabric Headbands

Today I would like to tell you about a new product that is in our Online Shop this weekend only!!

These super-cute soft fashionable headbands are perfect not only for everyday wear but particularly for working-out in!

One size fits all. No slip.

There are many more styles listed in our shop but we only have 1 in each fabric so get yours NOW!


I wear it to the gym everytime I work-out!

It is the perfect combination of fashion and fitness---plus it keeps my hair back out of my face!

And in case you missed it, everything in our shop is on sale THIS WEEKEND in honor of Baseball Opening Weekend!

Everything in stock is 25-30% off.

Go HERE to see our new headbands and to check out our great sale!

Then come back and leave a comment letting me know which headband is your favorite!

And as always, link-up with things that "work for you" fitness-wise!

Happy Friday, friends!!!!

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