Tuesday, July 12, 2011

mom2mom {linky party} highlights

So I took an unexpected blog hiatus last week.

I guess I was in holiday mode since the week started off with the 4th of July.

Not to mention our world is crazy right now.

Didn't you just love this printable that MJ gave us yesterday?

I love the look of it and it was a much needed reminder that no matter what is going on God is in control and He will meet us where we are.

He will take care of us and provide everything that we need according to His will.

Maybe not everything we want, right?

Those can be two very different things sometimes.

And thankfully He does not always give us what we want. He actually gives us so much more.

It can be hard when things do not turn out the way we want, the way we planned.

But I have found that when I let God lead me, things turn out better than I could have ever imagined or planned for myself.

Sometimes looking back, I understand why he did not give me what I asked for.

In the words of Garth Brooks, "sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers."

Although I'm not really sure I can agree that God does not anwswer our prayers at times.

I just think that sometimes he answers in a different way than we expected.

Or other times His answer is simply "no, I have something better for you."

And maybe the hardest answer He gives us is "wait."

What do you think?

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