Tuesday, July 19, 2011

mom2mom {linky party} highlights

LOVE the recipe for homemade slushies that MJ gave us yesterday!

Definitely want to try those to beat the humidity around here, ugh!

We have been frequently setting up our "backyard water park" so that we can actually be outside the past few weeks!

And friends have been coming over to enjoy it with us and we have returned the favor by frequenting theirs as well. :)

Isn't this the most adorable picture of Little A and his little love from a few weeks ago?!

I call it {Summer Lovin'}!!

So cute!

We have also been bathing ourselves in mosquito repellant in order to go outside these days, ugh!

Since you are here, check out the new shirts that we will debut at the upcoming MOPS Convention!

{click on image to make it larger/clearer}

They were designed by Tower Promotions and Planning Solutions and I just love the way the design turned out!

I will be placing an order in the next week or so.

If you {or any of your family/friends or anyone in your MOPS group} want one just let me know what size/color you want and I will order one for you too!

Price will depend upon how many I order but I am guessing around $10-$12 {plus tax and shipping}, will let you know!

Happy Summer, Stay Cool!!!

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