Monday, January 16, 2012

{Hope for the Home}: Uniquely Made Snowmen

Hey everyone...I'm Laura Kelley from Pitter Patter Art.
I'm an artist, wife to a crazy, cool guy and momma to 3, almost 4, little ones.

One of my goals for 2012 is to do a planned craft with my wee Kelleys each week. Our first art project for the year were these sweet snowmen.

I personally love crafts where kids get to use their own creative juices. One thing I want to instill in my kids is that God created them to be unique...themselves. And that they won't always look like everyone else. God created them to be different. He took His time and His own creative juices when He set to work on us and all His creations.

"God looked at everything he had made, and it was very good." Genesis 1:31

I do my best to encourage their special individuality, even with little crafts.

My daughter Harper had been asking me for a while to make some snowmen, so for our first project of the year, we made that happen. Super easy and the kids loved it.

The supplies we used were scrap paper, three different sized bowls for tracing, glue gun, glue stick, fabric scraps, buttons and glitter. You could easily do this entire project with just paper.

They each picked out their own paper choices.
I used three different sized bowls for tracing and let each kiddo cut out their own circles. I like a craft where the kids do most of the work. I trace…they cut and glue.

Then they glued their circles together…largest on bottom, smallest on top…to form their snowman. Easy cheesy!

And then from here do as little or as much decorating to your snowman as you would like. Let their creative juices flow and celebrate their own uniqueness. We ended up cutting out paper hats, arms and carrot noses for ours, along with a scrap fabric scarf (I did hot glue these), button eyes and buttons and a glitter smile.
My boys always tend to follow their sister, but I try and encourage them to create as they want and to remind them that their craft does not have to look like anyone else''s theirs.

There you have it. Super easy and your littles get to be creative...a good afternoon boredom buster for sure.
Get busy creating and enjoying those sweet little people in your life.
Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! You remind me of a Proverbs 31 woman! Bless you. I pray that you are well and that in the New Year you will continue to know how much God loves you. May His peace keep your heart and mind! Love, Brenda M.

Worthy of the Prize said...

Great post, Laura! SO happy to have you! LOVE your art! :)

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