Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ethiopian Adoption Prayers...Our God is Greater!

Friends, please join me in praying with my friend Jen of Team Chase 4 and Counting.

 Jen is one of the adopting families that we support and she also blogs for our weekly {Hope for the Home} series. In fact, her post will be up tomorrow!

From Jen...

"I have a HUGE prayer request: there are 4 of us families that are waiting on a piece of paper from the Oromiya Region in Ethiopia {we received our referrals 5+ months ago}. Our adoptions are STALLED until our papers come through, which will basically take a miracle of our in-country rep being in the right place at the exact right time. Here’s what I’m asking: would you PLEASE PRAY TODAY AND TOMORROW at 4:00 p.m. Central Time {which will be midnight in Ethiopia} that God will make the person responsible for this paperwork unable to sleep thinking about our four little boys, prompting him to have that paperwork ready and accessible for our in-country rep this week? I know that there is power in prayer and with God all things are possible. Please leave a comment if you will commit to this and PLEASE SHARE on your wall if you have prayer warriors who will join us! If you’d like to pray for our families specifically by name…Trevor and Jen Chase, Jim and Emily Hapner, Andrew and Becky Hewgley Ramer, and Anne Oliver. Thank you, friends."

In my recent research on Ethiopian adoptions, I have discovered that they are far more difficult these days. You can read here to find out more information.

For some reason, most of the families that we have supported through our Chosen Child Adoption Ministry have adopted from and are adopting from Ethiopia. You can see why this is near and dear to my heart.

Will you pray with me, in Jesus great name?

Lost are saved, find their way, 
at the sound of your great name

All condemned, feel no shame, 

at the sound of your great name

Every fear, has no place, 

at the sound of your great name

The enemy, he has to leave, 
at the sound of your great name

All the weak, find their strength, 

at the sound of your great name

Hungry souls, receive grace, 

at the sound of your great name

The fatherless, they find their rest, 
at the sound of your great name
Sick are healed, and the dead are raised, 
at the sound of your great name

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Eric Nordhoff said...

I agree, in the strong name of Jesus for this to be so.

Eric Nordhoff said...

I agree with you for these papers to be released - in the great name of Jesus!!

Roisin said...

You are in my prayers.

F.... said...

Love this song. Praying for your journey.

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