Monday, April 9, 2012

{Hope for the Home}: Let's Marvel!

I'm sitting here this morning in the quiet. Baskets with sparkly green plastic grass are sitting here beside me spilling over with opened plastic eggs, candy wrappers, and the remnants of yesterday.

Another Easter has past.

I keep thinking about a question a friend posted yesterday on facebook. He asked

"How will today impact tomorrow?"

It keeps rolling around in my mind....tomorrow is now today. Will I just clean up Easter like these baskets and tuck them away for another year?

Our Pastor talked about marveling over the Resurrection. I want to marvel...I love that word! What if we really just sat and marveled at Christ investing His very life in us. What if we sat daily and asked Him to reveal to our hearts a little just sit and steep deep in His love.

How would that impact our today?

Our very faith is cemented into the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is just not a once a year celebration but our Living Hope for today!

A friend made Resurrection Rolls with her daughter and even though we are a day past Easter I plan on making them with my four....because the tomb is still empty!

~And may we marvel!!

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Ferrell Boys Mom said...

I'm planning to make Resurrection cookies with my boys tonight even though it's now after Easter. We didn't get to make them Saturday night because we were at a family gathering and got home late. We made the Resurrection Rolls Easter morning, but I think the cookies are a neat demonstration of the Easter story, and I so wanted to make them too. . . So I figure we can do it tonight and marvel tomorrow morning again that the tomb is empty! Happy Easter!

Worthy of the Prize said...

Great post, Tina! SO glad to have you! We are going to continue to marvel in the resurrection by making our Resurrection Garden this week. We did not have a chance to do it over the weekend but by doing it after Easter, I figured it would be a good reminder to the boys that the tomb is empty and we need to live in his resurrection power all year long, not just on Easter!

earth2body - things we love said...

Great post. I'm looking forward to following you. P.S. We grabbed your button. Wanna grab ours?

earth2body - things we love said...

Great post. We found you on the Bloggy Moms April Blog Hop. Looking forward to following you and we'd appreciate your follow back. P.S. We grabbed your button.

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