Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 3

We added 2 new exercises to our workout routine this morning and I feel great!! Good job ladies, keep up the hardwork!

Don't forget: only 1100 calories/day this week (300 each meal, 100 each snack)

Reminder: you should add another 2 glasses of water/day for a total of 12 glasses/day (96 oz.)

***If you focus on getting all of the water in...the water will not only curb your appetite because your tummy will be full...but it will also distract you from thinking about food!

And as I have said before, you will see more results if you do the eating plan AND the workout...until then, you will only see marginal results!

Tips for battling cravings:
-GET MOVING (get out of the house, stay busy)

***After a few weeks on the new eating plan, your body will adjust...realizing that you are not going to feed it anymore, it will begin to burn fat and your cravings will subside!


"Many a failure turns about, when you might have won had you stuck it out!"

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