Thursday, March 18, 2010

Let the Games Begin!!

The race is on and who do you think will WIN???

Big A or Big E...

I must let you know that as of this very moment (after 8 games finished), Big E is in the lead!!

Surprise. Surprise. ;)

Big A picked Kansas State over West Virginia in the championship and I picked Kansas over Villanova!!

We'll see how it goes from here!

By the way, Big A is pouting because I did not pick Mizzou to win at all, even in the 1st round, and I also picked his nemesis Kansas to win it all! Ha!

I just do these things to get him all worked up!

Oh yeah...we decided that when March Madness ends, we are going to get a babysitter for the boys and go out on a date!! Something we almost never do!

The winner gets to choose where we go to dinner and what we do for our date...and the loser has to find a babysitter and go along with it!

Should be interesting!

One last thing...for moment by moment updates of our friendly little competition, you can follow me on twitter @wotpministries!

I will not be blogging daily about it because I have too many other fun things to let you know about...but I will blog occasionally about it during the next 2 weeks!

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