Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Desktop Organizer {and a discount code}

Those of you who follow WOTP on FB or twitter have already seen this photo a few times---along with my question "any guesses as to what this is?"

To which NO ONE has responded!!!

Well, I am pretty sure this next picture will answer the question for you---

Isn't this fantastic?!!!?

It is a customized digital desktop organizer!


My super-talented friend Amy of Twelve Stones Photography designed it for me and I am SO pumped about it that I had to share it with you!

I mean seriously, it is life changing!!

Big A was always so annoyed by the fact that I like to store everything on my desktop (it's just easier that way) which meant there were always 4,000 (or so) icons all over our computer screen that covered up at least half of the background picture!

But now my life is organized and my hubby is happy!

And I get to stare at this cute screen all day long!


Now, here is the great part---Amy will design one for you too!!!


What mom or business woman would not want this?

You can even customize your "look," your picture, your titles, etc!

Or if that is too overwhelming, just choose from one of the fabulous ones that she has already designed for you!

Here are a few of her sample designs---

If you want more details on the product, go HERE!

If you are like me and have just experienced love at 1st sight, go HERE to purchase one!

And if you order one by midnight 1/26/11 (CST), use the discount code wotp10 for 10% off!!

By the way, Amy is an excellent child and family photographer in the Austin area! She has taken many pictures of my boys, as well as all of the fit band/card pictures that you see on this blog!

She even holds training classes for aspiring photographers!

If you are a budding photographer yourself, you must check out the Sugar Snappers website where she and her sister-in-law have all sorts of valuable resources for you!

Now hurry and order your desktop organizer before the discount code expires! :)

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