Monday, April 18, 2011

mom2mom {linky party}: Handprint Easter Lamb

Thanks for stopping by! We are a blog about faith, family and fitness...feel free to take a look around! While you are here, check out our 12 Ways to Keep Easter Alive All Year Long post. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, surrounded by loved ones! Happy Spring, friends! It is my favorite time of the year!!!

I love Easter! It (usually) signals Spring, after a long winter, and reminds us of our hope for the future! We love going to Easter egg hunts, talking about the Easter Bunny, and eating Reese's Peanut Butter eggs...but still want to focus on the real meaning of Easter.

I came across this cute craft a few months ago, meant for a farm animal unit in preschool, but thought that it was PERFECT for Easter and teaching Grayson about the "Lamb of the World."

It's an easy craft that you probably already have all of the materials for!

  • black construction paper
  • glue
  • “wiggle eyes”
  • cotton balls
  • scissors
  • scrapbook paper

1. Trace your child’s hand on the black construction paper.

2. Cut out the handprint.

3. Glue the handprint onto a sheet of scrapbook paper.

4. Now you’re ready to make your lamb! Your child’s fingers will be the legs of the lamb and
their thumb is the lamb’s head/face.

5. Glue cotton balls all over the handprint but leave the tips of the fingers and thumb free.

6. Glue a small “wiggle eye” onto the head (tip of thumb).

7. You're all done!

I wanted to add a little some extra to ours, so I printed out John 1:29 and glued it onto the bottom.

If you'd like to print it out, too, here it is! Just right-click and save it to your computer.

Or if you'd rather just have "Happy Easter" and the date, here it is!

Do you have any great ideas for teaching your kiddos about Easter?

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Anonymous said...

Going to use this tomorow in children's church. Cute.

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