Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mom2mom {linky party} highlights

So I have alot of catching up to do on our mom2mom {linky party} highlights because I have not been able to post them the past few weeks for one reason or another.

So here it is...all of the "mom" stuff that has been going on around here lately!

First, I loved both the Handprint Easter Lamb (with printable) and the Easter Egg Countdown that MJ showed us how to make.

I did not get to do either one this year but am putting them on my list for next year.

This year all we had time for was our Advent Cross that we do every year and coloring Easter Eggs for the first time (which we actually did after Easter this year because we were so pressed for time and then ended up with colds on Easter weekend).

The Advent Cross is magnetic so we stick it to our fridge and then starting on Palm Sunday, we do one little devotional a day and each day we add a piece of the cross...starting with the actual cross on Palm Sunday and then 1 flower each day until Easter Sunday when we finish with the "He Is Risen" flower.

The boys love it and it really teaches them and helps me to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday.

Go HERE to purchase one from my friend Kim, it comes with the daily devotionals as well.

As for coloring eggs, the boys enjoyed using the little kits that Gigi (my mom) sent them...you can see the final product above, complete with markers and stickers!

We lost a few to cracks but it was pretty good for our first time I thought.

They had a blast hiding and finding them!

I am also really enjoying MJ's Decorating-on-a-Budget tips!

If you missed them, click these links to catch up---

ABC Wall

PB Knock-off Ruler Growth Chart

DIY Wire Frames

I am really hoping to make some of the wire frames soon...I am always in need of some cute frames and I like the idea of inexpensive ones...I could probably find some great vintage ones at garage sales this summer.

Plus I am always looking for ideas as to what to do with the 1000+ crafts that my boys bring home from school, MDO and church!!!

Not sure I have room for it in my laundry room but I was thinking it would be a good place to hang wire frames since they have the "clothes line" look.

Go HERE for more of MJ's tutorials which are being featured around blogland!

And finally...

I finished my spring/summer wreath and I am in LOVE!!!

I copied a wreath I saw online and then used THIS TUTORIAL that MJ led me to, to make the rosettes and I am so happy with the way it turned out!

I bought a spring/summer doormat from Target (of course) to go under it.

I even made a few extra rosettes (with my leftover fabric from the wreath) and turned them into pins.

(You can turn them into so many things by the way---pins, headbands, hairclips, jewelry, the possibilities are endless and they are so easy to make)

I made some a little more tight-rolled and others looser (as you can see in the pics) which she talks about in the tutorial.

I wore the pink one for Mother's Day!! :)

Well, that is all for now...so many more cool things to tell you so Stay Tuned!!

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MJ said...

I LOVE your wreath and your welcome mat....I must find that welcome mat for our house, too. :) It would go great with my Spring wreath!!

Look at you getting in touch with your crafty side. :) I love it!!!

Worthy of the Prize said...

Hurry and go get it, I bought the last one at our Target!!

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