Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We welcome the Dyer Family as our May Adoption Fundraiser

For the whole  month of May I am so excited to announce our newest family we will be sponsoring through our Chosen Child Bands is the Dyer Family. 

(Our names are Matt, Amber, and Brock Dyer. Matt and I have been married for 9 years this summer.  Our son is seven years old and looking forward to officially calling himself a 2nd grader in a few weeks.  Even more, he can’t wait for the title of “Big Brother”.   We were selected on March 30th by an expecting mother who is due at the end of this month in a neighboring state.  After seven years we don’t really have any baby stuff left around the house and are on a mad dash to prepare for the arrival of our newest blessing.  After two surgeries, a hysterectomy, two failed rounds of IVF with a surrogate, and a broken heart we are so happy to be building an open adoption relationship.  While my husband was attending the police academy last summer, several things fell into place for us and we were accepted into our agency.  We feel very strongly that this is the road we have been lead to after all of these years.  Things have moved very quickly since then and it’s been a roller coaster of emotions!  I’m nervous, excited, scared, and about everything in between.  On behalf of the three (soon to be four) of us, we thank you so much for allowing us this opportunity.)

Here are a few ways you can help the Dyer family:

Buy a Chosen Child Adoption Band at our Store
Go to Caps Creations to buy a Chosen Necklace

We are so excited about the Dyer Family and how quickly these past few months have gone for them and the upcoming arrival of their little bundle of JOY! All the proceeds from the month of May will go to the Dyer family! 

Julie Steed

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