Friday, March 1, 2013

Meet the LAW family!!! Our newest Adoption Family!

For the month of March we are going to support the Law family!
Here is a little about their family:

We are a family of 5 soon to be 6. Andy and Christine Law and our three children Colton, 11, Aiden, 8 and Lyndsey, 4. God has led our family to international adoption, specifically China. We have preapproval for a sweet 2 year old little girl we plan on calling Gabi. Gabi has bilateral nerve deafness and has received cochlear implants. We believe she is receiving language training also. Why we chose adoption: Our simple answer is that God put adoption on our hearts many years ago and through a series of events in our life we believe he is telling us NOW is the time. We believe we have another child out their waiting to call us mommy and daddy or MaMa and BaBa. Through much prayer and research we know Gabi is supposed to be our child and we are so excited to bring her home as quickly as possible. We are rescuing Gabe, we are honoring God, and our faith is growing every day through this journey.

Our days are filled with running our children to various activities, volunteering at church, school, and in the community, and doing life with other families at our church through Sunday School and Small Groups. Most recently my husband coached Upwards basketball and I coached cheerleading for our churches Upwards program. Our kids are involved in soccer, basketball, football, cheerleading, gymnastics, and dance. My husband and I also work full-time.

We are anxious to bring Gabi home and ask for prayers as our dossier is awaiting approval in China. Our children are so excited to have a new little sister. They draw her pictures and write letters to her. Our daughter has special toys set aside to share with her sister, and says a special prayer for her every night. We are in the home stretch and are hopeful we can bring Gabi home in early June.

Ways you can help the Law family is by buying chosen child band that come in several colors from our online SHOP. Or by going to Cap Creations website and buying a chosen child necklace!
We are so thankful for the response our followers give to our adoption family and find it a JOY to be a part of this journey with them! If you would like to nominate and be a chosen child family contact

If you would like to follow their blog here it is:

About the Author: Julie Steed is the director of Worthy of the Prize Orphan Ministries. She runs both the Chosen Child Adoption Ministry and the Orphan Ball Ministry. Julie has a BA in Psychology and is working towards her Masters in Counseling, hoping to become an adoption counselor someday soon. Julie is married to C, a College Dorm Director.

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