Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More Families

Meet the 4th & 5th families that we are helping to raise $$$ for their adoptions!

Bryan and Kim Young

We prayed before we met each other for God to bring someone into our lives that we could share our walk with and He answered those prayers in such detail as to not leave His work in question. Now the Lord is asking us to share our joy with the fatherless in international adoption. The Lord has made it blatant to us that this is His plan for starting our family. Despite not having the funds to complete something so huge, the Lord has given us confidence that He will provide the means if go where He asked us to. So rather than running from Ninevah, we are jumping in with our eyes on Him. He has already provided the funds for us to get all of the early fees covered and we entirely trust Him to provide the rest. We have love for a child we do not yet know. We are excited to bring a child home from Ethiopia and spend our lives loving him and teaching him about the Lord.

Justin and Tara McLamb

***UPDATE: The McLambs brought their child home. Their adoption is finalized and they are no longer one of the families that we support.

We are Justin & Tara McLamb of North Carolina! We have been best friends for 8 years, and married for 5. After 5 surgeries and several rounds of fertility treatments, we have been told by the nation's best specialists at Duke and UNC that having our own biological child will be impossible. We certainly do not doubt the miracle-producing abilities of our God, but we had always talked about adoption and felt led to start the process in January after much prayer. We are super excited to be parents and have been matched with a birthmother in Oklahoma!! Our little miracle will arrive Nov. 5th, 2010! As you can imagine, the adoption process is not cheap and travel to and from Oklahoma is not included in our adoption fees! We are so thankful that we were chosen by God to raise this baby and that we were offered the opportunity to partner with Worthy of the Prize in raising funds and awareness for adoption. We are honored that God would use our situation for a testimony, and we praise Him for friends that have already come to know Him through our journey!

Can you believe it??

God is doing HUGE things with this Chosen Child {Adoption Band} Ministry!

And we are not surprised!

Now we just need you to buy these cute/handy keychains to help these families raise their $$$, so that they can bring their precious children home!

On another note...

Be sure to watch Dave Morin of This Little Piggy Went to the Gym (that I told you about here) on CBN’s 700 Club show called "Skinny Wednesday." He will be LIVE this Wednesday, May 19th (tomorrow).

The 700 Club has asked him to appear on the show and speak about his weight loss journey (remember 236 lbs. lost in 2 yrs). Please, if you have time on the 19th (tomorrow), find the channel and times the 700 Club plays in your area, and check it out!

And last, if you haven't noticed...our blog is Under Construction, so just bear with us for a few more weeks until we complete our New Look!

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